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Trump's money man pleads guilty, agrees to testify

The deal could make Allen Weisselberg a star witness against Donald Trump’s company at a trial later this year.

Ohio counties win $650m in pharmacy suit

In the aftermath of a landmark case, US pharmaceutical giants have been ordered to pay for some of the damage caused by the opioid crisis.

General News
Inflation fuels jump in UK govt debt costs

Interest payments on UK government debt jumped by almost 40 per cent last month as rocketing inflation adds to state borrowing.

Giuliani fronts Georgia grand jury

Rudy Giuliani has stayed quiet on what he told a special grand jury in Georgia  investigating attempts by former President Donald Trump to overturn his 2020 election defeat.

China to send troops to Russia

In joint exercises ‘unrelated to current international and regional situation’, Chinese troops will go to Russia.

Liz Cheney out-Trumped in Wyoming primary

Liz Cheney, one of Donald Trump’s fiercest party enemies, has lost the Republican primary for Wyoming to a candidate backed by the former president.