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US debt hits new record

US starts the new fiscal year with a record $31 trillion debt, close to the ceiling set by Congress.

Trio takes Nobel Prize for Physics

Scientists Alain Aspect, John Clauser and Anton Zeilinger have won the 2022 Nobel Prize in Physics.

Trump goes to Supreme Court over raids

Donald Trump has asked the US Supreme Court to intervene in his fight with the Justice Department.

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US regulators seek new laws to curb crypto risk

Regulators called on Congress to pass laws to address the systemic risks caused by stablecoins, a form of cryptocurrency pegged to the price of another financial asset, such as the U.S. dollar or gold.

Europe faces 'unprecedented risk' of gas shortage, IEA says

Europe faces “unprecedented risks” to its natural gas supplies this winter after Russia cut off most pipeline shipments and could wind up competing with Asia for already scarce and expensive liquid gas that comes by ship, the International Energy Agency said.

BRITAIN MARKETS The recovery for the sterling has settled some nerves in the currency market.
Kwarteng/Truss tax cut backdown boosts Asian stocks

Investors are taking heart from stability at the long end of the gilt market, even though emergency purchases from the Bank of England were modest.

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Trump sues CNN for $475m

Donald Trump is claiming CNN defamed him to scuttle his efforts to run for future political office and is seeking $475 million in damages.

Ukraine War
Ukraine advance threatens Russian supply lines

Ukraine appears to be making huge inroads into recapturing Russian-claimed territories, days after Putin annexed four provinces.

N.Korea fires ballistic missiles

North Korea has carried out its fourth ballistic missile launch in a week, Seoul says, firing at least two towards the east coast.

Under Australian company AGL Energy’s first climate transition plan, closing one coal-fired power station a decade early will avoid 200 million tonnes of greenhouse gases.