American Express second quarter profits soar 39%

NEW YORK (AP) - American Express said second quarter profits jumped 39% as the credit card company benefitted again from a broad increase in cardmember spending as well as more of its customers carrying a balance.

CrowdStrike failure highlights global fragility

Airlines, banks, hospitals and other risk-averse organizations around the world chose cybersecurity company CrowdStrike to protect their computer systems from hackers and data breaches.

Airlines, businesses hit by global technology disruption

An internet outage affecting Microsoft is disrupting flights, banks, media outlets and companies across the world, with problems continuing hours after the technology company said it was gradually fixing an issue affecting access to Microsoft 365 apps and services.

Trump uses false claim about Chinese auto plants in Mexico

DETROIT (AP) - Donald Trump made a pitch for votes from key swing state autoworkers during his acceptance speech for the Republican presidential nomination, using false claims to call on them to fire their union president.

OPINION: Why the 2% Liberty Tax could work

The BRICS (an intergovernmental organization originally comprising Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa but now including Iran, Egypt, Ethiopia, and the United Arab Emirates), are resetting a World Agenda focused on trade.

Faulty software update causes havoc worldwide

NEW YORK (AP) - A faulty software update caused technological havoc worldwide on Friday, grounding flights, knocking media outlets offline, and disrupting hospitals, small businesses and government offices. The breadth of the outages highlighted the fragility of a digitized world dependent on just a few providers for key computing services.

Federal Reserve is more confident inflation is slowing to its target

WASHINGTON (AP) - Chair Jerome Powell said Monday that the Federal Reserve is becoming more convinced that inflation is headed back to its 2% target and said the Fed would cut rates before the pace of price increases actually reached that point.