Ukraine nuclear situation worries UN chief UN chief Antonio Guterres wants besieged Zaporizhzhia power plant in Ukraine to be demilitarised.
Ukraine nuclear situation worries UN chief

UN chief Antonio Guterres is calling for the besieged Zaporizhzhia power plant on the front lines of Ukraine to be demilitarised.

By Natalia Zinets and Andrea Shalal
20 hours ago
Jordan River more meagre than mighty

The river’s decline is blamed on long-running conflict, rivalry over precious water resources and climate change.


By Mariam Fam and Ilan Ben Zion
1 day ago
Millions in UK face fuel poverty this winter

Soaring inflation and rising energy bills will send millions of British families into ‘fuel poverty’ this winter, new research shows.

By Alana Calvert
2 days ago
Japan wants young people to drink more

The tax office says declining revenues are an issue and the country needs young people to drink more to help.

By chrisbartlett
14 hours ago
Bremen's 'leaning tower' set to topple

An iconic lighthouse has become the German version of Pisa’s famous leaning tower,  but experts say this one is about to collapse.

By chrisbartlett
1 day ago
Rushdie accused pleads not guilty, denied bail

Hadi Matar was quiet as he appeared in a New York court while his lawyer argued publicity around the case would be detrimental to his client.

By Carolyn Thompson,
20 hours ago
R. Kelly woman: Sex abuse started at 14

A woman tells jurors the R&B singer she asked to be her godfather when she was 13 had sexually abused her ”hundreds of times” while she was a minor.


By Michael Tarm
21 hours ago
Fashion designer Armani escapes wildfire

Fashion icon Georgio Armani has escaped two wildfires on the Italian island of Pantelleria where he has a holiday home, authorities say.

By Associated Press Reporter
1 day ago
Biden energy plan 'to cut 40pc of emissions'

Carbon emissions in the US should be cut by 1.26 billion tonnes by the end of the decade because of Biden administration initiatives on clean energy and infrastructure spending, according to federal analysis.


By Seth Borenstein
1 day ago
WHO boss blames racism for lack of aid
By Maria Cheng and Cara Anna
2 days ago
20 mummies found in city building
By Chinedu Asadu
1 day ago
More people watch streaming than networks
18 hours ago