Transgender care program harassment in children's hospitals

Far-right social media account focus on surgical programs for transgender youths leads to threatened violence for Boston Children’s Hospital doctors, staffers and other US children’s hospitals.

By moniqueb
2 days ago
Stuffed puppies and ground owls: a cure

Their use may not be recommended today, but “cures” including the use of ground, baked owl and stuffed roast puppy from the 14th and 15th centuries will soon be available for our reading pleasure.

By Sam Russell
2 days ago
Man appointed 'period dignity officer'

Critics say the job of promoting access to free sanitary products in schools and colleges should have gone to a woman.

By Katharine Hay
3 days ago
Jill Biden has 'mild' Covid

First Lady Jill Biden, who is on holiday in South Carolina with the President, is being treated with antiviral drugs for Covid-19 and will isolate for at least five days.

By Zeke Miller
3 days ago
South Carolina ponders near-total abortion ban

Even rape and incest would not be a valid reason for abortion under a proposal that may go before South Carolina’s state legislature,

By Jeffrey Collins
3 days ago
Gates urges Seoul to support global health

The Microsoft founder urged investment in efforts to develop vaccines that would be effective for a broader range of coronaviruses.

By chrisbartlett
3 days ago
Australian Covid-19 cases nears 10m

The total number of Covid-19 cases identified in Australia since the start of the pandemic is closing in on 10 million, with close to 13,000 deaths since the pandemic emerged in early 2020.

By Kaitlyn Offer
3 days ago
Monkeypox may be slowing in UK

Britain’s Health Security Agency says the monkeypox outbreak ‘shows signs of slowing’ but it’s too early to know if the decline will be maintained.



By chrisbartlett
4 days ago
Scotland: World first for free period products

In a world first, Scotland legislates to protect the right to free period products by law, meaning councils and education providers will be legally required to make free sanitary products available to those who need them.


By Neil Pooran
6 days ago