Philanthropists hope $100m investment will support community health workers

The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria will oversee the project that aims to empower local health workers in nations where access to health care is limited.

By Thalia Beaty
August 8, 2022
Stray cats saved one game at a time

Video-game sensation Stray, which features a virtual cat hero, is raising money for animal shelters and other cat-related charities, thanks to online fundraising platforms.


By Thalia Beaty
August 4, 2022
Meet Ukraine's animal saviour

In cooperation with the UA Animals protection group, Natalia Popova has saved more than 300 animals, with 200 of them going abroad.

By Hanna Arhirova
August 7, 2022
Pride floats take to Amsterdam canals

For the first time since the pandemic hit, Amsterdam’s famed canal pride parade was able to take to the water once again, attracting hundreds of thousands of supporters.

By Peter Dejong
August 6, 2022
Sea turtle nest find excites marine mammal researchers

Turtle tracks found east of the Pass Christian Harbour by a beach clean-up crew has turned out to be the first sea turtle nest found on mainland Mississippi since 2018.


By moniqueb
August 8, 2022
Secret journey of lost Bethlehem Banksy

The reclusive graffiti artist’s depiction of a slingshot-toting rat originally sprayed on a West Bank wall has been found, raising ethical questions about the removal of artwork from occupied territory.


By Ilan ben Zion and Isaac Scharf
August 5, 2022
'Obscene' garlic video causes a stink in Korea

A 30-second video ad on garlic by a rural South Korean town is obscene and sexually objectifies the vegetable, say outraged farmers.


By Hyung-Jin Kim
August 3, 2022
Baby hippo joy for Cincinnati Zoo

Happy hippo baby news for Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden, celebrating the arrival of a bouncing baby sibling for Fiona, who became a global celebrity when she was born prematurely in 2017.



By nadinetuback
August 4, 2022
Batter up! What will Zuckerberg baseball collector card fetch?

A signed baseball card featuring a very young Zuckerberg could fetch school camp counsellor Allie Tarantino a tidy sum when it goes to auction.

By Bobby Caina Calvan
August 4, 2022
Saudi Arabia bid to host Winter Games
By jamesdampney
August 4, 2022
72yo wins gold medal at Games
By viki
August 4, 2022