Melting of Alaska's Juneau icefield accelerates

The melting of Alaska’s Juneau icefield, home to more than 1,000 glaciers, is accelerating. The snow covered area is now shrinking 4.6 times faster than it was in the 1980s, according to a new study.

Sea turtle eggs evacuated as Hurricane Beryl heads to Mexico

CANCUN, Mexico (AP) - Stung by past failures to prepare for hurricanes, the Mexican government on Wednesday began evacuating even sea turtle eggs from beaches ahead of incoming Hurricane Beryl.

Freya the rescued lion cub is safe in South Africa

PAARL, South Africa (AP) - Freya, a 6-month-old lion cub rescued from the wildlife trade in Lebanon, poked a curious nose out of her transport crate and sniffed the air. Satisfied, she took her first cautious steps in her new forever home in a sanctuary in South Africa.

Baby white rhino in Chilean zoo boosts near-endangered species

SANTIAGO, Chile (AP) - Hannah, a 13-year-old white rhinoceros, has delivered a newborn calf in a rare zoo birth for the almost endangered species.

Hurricane season 2024 is here. Here's how to stay prepared

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla, (AP) - Hurricane season is upon us, known for disastrous flooding and high-speed winds in coastal areas of the United States and in the Caribbean and Central America, and emergency management officials are urging people to stay prepared.

Hurricane Beryl foretells a scary storm season

Hurricane Beryl’s explosive growth into an unprecedented early whopper of a storm shows the literal hot water the Atlantic and Caribbean are in right now and the kind of season ahead, experts said.

Do US fast-food customers want plant-based meat?

Do Americans want plant-based options at fast-food restaurants? Two recent moves show restaurant chains are still undecided.