Crucial week for Colorado River policy

Seven states that rely on the Colorado River are facing unprecedented reductions to water use amid what is expected to be the most consequential week for official policy affecting the river in years.

By Sam Metz and Felicia Fonseca
4 days ago
Bid to bring back Tassie tiger given $5m boost

An ambitious international project to ‘de-extinct’ the Tasmanian tiger is going ahead with backing from Australian film stars Chris and Luke Hemsworth.

By Tara Cosoleto
3 days ago
Oder fish die-off a catastrophe

Alarm bells as cause for mass fish deaths in Oder River on German-Polish border remains unknown.

By user
5 days ago
Red panda's birth 'a symbol of hope'

The cub’s mother, Tilly, showed signs of nesting two weeks after the death of her breeding partner, Nam Pang.

By Danielle Desouza
3 days ago
UK goes from hot and dry, to flood of storm warnings

Thunderstorms and flood warnings replace heatwave, drought in UK and Ireland.

By Rebecca Speare-Cole and Claudia Rowan
4 days ago
Scientists welcome US climate law

International researchers say the American legislation doesn’t go far enough but will probably encourage other countries to lower their emissions.

By Seth Borenstein
3 days ago
Less water from Colorado for drought-hit states

The cuts will force states to make critical decisions about where to reduce consumption and whether to prioritize growing cities or agricultural areas

By Sam, Metz, Suman Naishadham and Kathleen Ronayne
3 days ago
River chief fights for sacred rights

Wilbur Slockish Jr says he is defending practices enshrined in the beliefs of the Klickitat Band of the Yakama Nation since the beginning of time.

By Deepa Bharath
3 days ago
How drought has hit Italy's largest lake

Lake Garda’s rocky shores are exposed by falling water levels and the water temperature is approaching Caribbean levels as Europe’s drought continues.

By Andrea Rosa and Luigi Navarra
6 days ago
Newborn lion cubs provide cheer in Gaza
By Fares Akram
6 days ago
TV DISCOVERING SHARKS Sharks' teeth could provide important clues to what bacteria are resistant to what antibiotics.
Shark dental checks could save bite victims
By Cassandra Morgan
7 days ago
England in drought after record dry summer
By billyfreeman
August 12, 2022