With 'functional' beverages, brands rush to quench a thirst for drinks that do more than taste good

Supermarket beverage aisles are starting to look a lot more like a pharmacy. There are sodas made with mushrooms that supposedly improve mental clarity and juices packed with bacteria that claim to enhance digestive health.

2023 was a record year for wind installations as world ramps up clean energy, report says

The world installed 117 gigawatts of new wind power capacity in 2023, a 50% increase from the year before, making it the best year for new wind projects on record, according to a new report by the industry's trade association.

Why is the EPA regulating PFAS and what are these 'forever chemicals'?

On Wednesday, the Environmental Protection Agency finalized limits on certain common types of PFAS chemicals in drinking water. It is the first time a nationwide limit on so-called forever chemicals has been imposed on water providers. EPA Administrator Michael Regan called it the biggest action the agency has ever taken on PFAS, saying the rule will reduce exposure for 100 million people.

Universe’s expansion might be slowing, findings indicate

The universe is still expanding at an accelerating rate, but it may have slowed down recently compared with a few billion years ago, early results from the most precise measurement of its evolution yet suggested Thursday.

Trillions of cicadas about to emerge - It's the biggest in centuries

Trillions of evolution's bizarro wonders, red-eyed periodical cicadas that have pumps in their heads and jet-like muscles in their rears, are about to emerge in numbers not seen in decades and possibly centuries.

Hepatitis C cases dropped in the US. Health officials aren't sure if it's a blip or a trend

New U.S. hepatitis C infections dropped slightly in 2022, a surprising improvement after more than a decade of steady increases, federal health officials said Wednesday.

April's total solar eclipse is nearly here. Here's why it's worth the watch and how to stay safe

The sun is about to pull another disappearing act across North America, turning day into night during a total solar eclipse.