Microsoft delays controversial AI Recall feature on new Windows computers

REDMOND, Wash. (AP) - New laptops equipped with Microsoft Windows start shipping to customers next week without a flagship feature called Recall that drew concerns about privacy and cybersecurity.

FAA says agency was too hands-off in oversight of Boeing

The top U.S. aviation regulator said Thursday that the Federal Aviation Administration should have been more aware of manufacturing problems inside Boeing before a panel blew off a 737 Max during an Alaska Airlines flight in January.

Fired SpaceX employees sue the company for wrongful termination

NEW YORK (AP) - Eight former employees sued SpaceX and its CEO Elon Musk, alleging that Musk ordered them fired after they challenged what they called rampant sexual harassment and a hostile "Animal House"-style work environment at the company.

Stellantis CEO cites failures in US operations

MILAN (AP) - Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares expressed dissatisfaction at the operation of some U.S. plants on Thursday, and took responsibility for not reacting quickly enough to address that issue, the problem of inventory backup, and tackling a "suboptimal" marketing strategy.

IndyCar moves to Fox Sports in 2025 after 16 seasons with NBC

Fox Sports said Thursday it acquired the rights to broadcast IndyCar starting in 2025, a move that gives the network two of the biggest races in the world with the Indianapolis 500 and NASCAR’s Daytona 500.

GM board approves another $6 billion share repurchase

WASHINGTON (AP) - General Motors approved another $6 billion share repurchase as the Detroit automaker continues to build momentum in 2024.

EU threatens China EVs with tariffs of up to 38%

FRANKFURT, Germany (AP) - The European Union moved Wednesday to hike tariffs, or import taxes, on electric vehicles made in China. EVs are the latest flash point in a broader trade dispute over Chinese government subsidies and the Asian nation’s burgeoning exports of green technology to the 27-nation bloc.