A hidden underground world under threat by Maya Train

Aktun Tuyul Cave System, MEXICO (AP) - Rays of sunlight slice through pools of crystal water as clusters of fish cast shadows on the limestone below. Arching over the emerald basin are walls of stalactites dripping down the cavern ceiling, which opens to a dense jungle.

Panama to evacuate island facing rising sea level

GARDI SUGDUB, Panama (AP) - On a tiny island off Panama's Caribbean coast, about 300 families are packing their belongings in preparation for a dramatic change. Generations of Gunas who have grown up on Gardi Sugdub in a life dedicated to the sea and tourism will trade that next week for the mainland's solid ground.

157 monkeys dead in Mexico due to heat

MEXICO CITY (AP) - The number of heat-related howler monkeys deaths in Mexico has risen to 157, the government said, with a tragically small number of the primates treated or recovering.

Fears rise for second landslide in Papua New Guinea

MELBOURNE, Australia (AP) - Authorities fear a second landslide and a disease outbreak are looming at the scene of Papua New Guinea's mass-casualty disaster because of water streams and bodies trapped beneath the tons of debris that swept over a village, a United Nations official said Tuesday.

Massive Cradle of Baby Stars Revealed

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) - A massive cradle of baby stars has been observed in new detail by a European space telescope, adding to its celestial collection of images.

'Heat dome' leads to sweltering temperatures in Mexico

Extreme heat in Mexico, Central America and parts of the U.S. South has left millions of people in sweltering temperatures, strained energy grids and resulted in iconic Howler monkeys in Mexico dropping dead from trees.

Grizzly that mauled hiker won't be pursued

A grizzly bear that attacked a hiker in Wyoming’s Grand Teton National Park won’t be captured or killed by wildlife authorities because it may have been trying to protect a cub, park officials said in a statement.