WeWork has emerged from bankruptcy. What's next?

NEW YORK (AP) - WeWork has officially emerged from bankruptcy. And all eyes are on whether its new leadership can guide the long-embattled provider of co-working office space to success.

AI startup Perplexity wants to upend search business

The artificial intelligence startup Perplexity AI has raised tens of millions of dollars from the likes of Jeff Bezos and other prominent tech investors for its mission to rival Google in the business of searching for information.

Elon Musk drops lawsuit against ChatGPT-maker OpenAI without explanation

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - Elon Musk has dropped his lawsuit against OpenAI just ahead of a scheduled Wednesday hearing on the case.

EU threatens China EVs with tariffs of up to 38%

FRANKFURT, Germany (AP) - The European Union moved Wednesday to hike tariffs, or import taxes, on electric vehicles made in China. EVs are the latest flash point in a broader trade dispute over Chinese government subsidies and the Asian nation’s burgeoning exports of green technology to the 27-nation bloc.

X now hiding which posts you like from other users

NEW YORK (AP) - Social media platform X is now hiding your likes.

Key new features coming to Apple's iOS18

Apple announced a slew of new features for iOS 18 at Monday’s developers conference event, many of which are designed to enhance the Siri assistant and bring artificial intelligence tools to iPhone users.

Apple Pay will have more payment options and welcome Windows, Chrome

NEW YORK (AP) - Apple Inc. plans to add several new features to Apple Pay and Apple Wallet later this year that will more deeply integrate financing, rewards, and buy now, pay later options into the iPhone.

Judges hear Elizabeth Holmes' appeal of fraud conviction

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - A panel of federal judges spent two hours on Tuesday wrestling with a series of legal issues raised in an attempt to overturn a fraud conviction that sent Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes to prison after a meteoric rise to Silicon Valley stardom.