US redirects interceptor missiles to Ukraine

WASHINGTON (AP) - The White House announced Thursday that it will rush delivery of air defense interceptor missiles to Ukraine by redirecting planned shipments to other allied nations, as Washington scrambles to counter increased Russian attacks on Ukrainian energy infrastructure.

Trump is proposing to make tips tax-free

WASHINGTON (AP) - Former President Donald Trump’s new proposal to exclude tips from federal taxes is getting strong reviews from some Republican lawmakers, though major questions remain about the impact of the policy and how it would work.

Ukraine's blackouts return after Russia pounds infrastructure

KYIV, Ukraine (AP) - During daytime, entire districts of Ukraine’s capital are disconnected from the power grid to save energy. Traffic lights stop, choking traffic, accompanied by the constant rumble of generators installed outside cafes and shops.

Biden and Trump taking different approaches to debate

NEW YORK (AP) - President Joe Biden begins an intense period of private preparations Friday at Camp David for what may be the most consequential presidential debate in decades.

Malaysian leader says China 'true friend' and not to be feared

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (AP) - Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim on Thursday rejected the notion that China’s dominance is to be feared, calling China a "true friend" at the end of Premier Li Qiang’s visit to mark 50 years of diplomatic ties between their countries.

Russia obliterates Ukraine towns by retrofitting bombs

KHARKIV, Ukraine (AP) - The first shock wave shattered aisles stacked almost to the ceiling with home improvement products. The next Russian bomb streaked down like a comet seconds later, unleashing flames that left the megastore an ashen shell.

Climate change made killer heat wave 35 times more likely

WASHINGTON (AP) - Human-caused climate change dialed up the thermostat and turbocharged the odds of this month’s killer heat that has been baking the Southwestern United States, Mexico and Central America, a new flash study found.