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Meghan Markle courts controversy again with new interview

A new interview with the Duchess of Sussex has raised eyebrows as she talks about the past and the future with Harry and their children in California.

August 30, 2022
30 August 2022

Meghan Markle has given a provocative interview to an American magazine on the eve of the 25th anniversary of the death of Princess Diana, the mother-in-law she would never know.

The Duchess of Sussex, who now lives in California with her husband Prince Harry and their two children, Archie, 3, and Lilibet, 1, has again stoked controversy talking about the issues she had with the royal family, British press and racism – and using her voice again.

The couple officially left the royal family and the United Kingdom in 2021, just three years after their wedding at Windsor.

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In the interview with The Cut magazine, Meghan says she and Harry – H or My Love, as she calls him – are creating a new life, community and career together in Montecito, a town described as an enclave for the rich and famous.

She says her new podcast, which featured a discussion with her close friend Serena Williams in its first outing, is about being able to speak freely

“I feel different. I feel clearer. It’s like I’m finding – not finding my voice. I’ve had my voice for a long time, but being able to use it.”

Not being able to use her voice or make her own decisions was one of the reasons the Sussexes left the royal family.

Meghan, who had a popular blog before becoming engaged, had to quit the Tig and her other social media. She reveals in The Cut she will be rejoining Instagram.

She was included with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Harry on the pre-existing @KensingtonRoyal handle, but had no control over what was posted. Or over how other more traditional media was managed.

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She said she was not comfortable that the tabloids, with whom she had a tense relationship, would have access to any images of her children released by the palace.

For example, the Daily Mails ran a story with the headline: “Harry’s girl is (almost) straight outta Compton”.

“Why would I give the very people that are calling my children the N-word a photo of my child before I can share it with the people that love my child?” she said.

“You tell me how that makes sense and then I’ll play that game.”

(FILE) SOUTH AFRICA BRITAIN ROYALTY Meghan and her husband Prince Harry with son Archie during their 2019 South Africa tour.EPA PHOTO
Meghan and her husband Prince Harry with son Archie during their 2019 South Africa tour. (EPA)

She said being bi-racial and part of the royal family meant a lot to other people of colour.

She recounted how she attended the 2019 London premiere of the live-action version of The Lion King, just after having Archie, describing the time as “a cruel chapter”, when a cast member from South Africa pulled her aside. 

“He said, ‘I just need you to know: When you married into this family, we rejoiced in the streets the same we did when Mandela was freed from prison.’ 

The fallout from Megxit and the lawsuits with British tabloids, including the publication of private letters between Meghan and her father Thomas, caused rifts with both families. Harry and his brother Prince William are barely on speaking terms.

Prince Harry and Meghan last were in the UK for a service of thanksgiving for the reign of Queen Elizabeth. (AP Photo/Matt Dunham, Pool, File)

“Harry said to me, ‘I lost my dad in this process.’”

When asked, if there is room for forgiveness between her and her royal in-laws, who she last saw in June, and her own family.

“I think forgiveness is really important. It takes a lot more energy to not forgive,” she says wisely.

“But it takes a lot of effort to forgive. I’ve really made an active effort, especially knowing that I can say anything.

“I have a lot to say until I don’t. Do you like that? Sometimes, as they say, the silent part is still part of the song.”

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